Nov 05

Muzakarah Penasihat Syariah Kewangan Islam

IMG_8599Also known as ‘Muzakarah Penasihat Syariah Kewangan Islam’. This Shariah forum is organised in a discussion approach which will highlight the Shariah issues in Islamic banking and finance. Prominent Shariah scholars and experts in Islamic banking and finance are invited as the speakers/discussants to share the views and insights in this prestigious event.

The panelists will deliver their expert views followed by an intellectual discourse with the delegates in the matters concerned. The muzakarah is mainly open for all Shariah advisors, Shariah supervisory council, committee members, scholars as well as bankers and Islamic financial practitioners. The Shariah Forum featured presentations from leading Shariah experts within the industries and provides the opportunity for participants to benefit from open discussions of specific and practical techniques and/or their applications in the Islamic finance.

**Sepanjang kliff 2009, rasanya saya paling tertarik dengan muzakarah ini. pelbagai isu syariah dibincangkan. Nota kepada anda diluar sana sama ada blogger, forumers etc, blog dan forum bukanlah tempat untuk mempertikai hal-hal berkaitan islamic finance. Saya sedar banyak thread yang menjadi threat kepada islamic finance di laman-laman forum. Nasihat saya,  sebaik-baiknya anda perlu ada ilmu untuk membicarakan hal berkaitan dan hadir dalam event sebegini.

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